Connections and Relationships – December 2017

Connections and Relationships

I hope your week, and this holiday season, are going well.

You are receiving this message because somehow, somewhere, in some way in the past, we had a connection. Perhaps we worked together, formally or informally; perhaps we were on a team with a common goal; perhaps it was a brief encounter at a networking event. Whatever the case, we connected, and I hope I was able to add value to your life, make your life better, through that connection.

I’m reminded of connections because of this season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or in some other way, this is a season when many of us remember connections and relationships. There are often holiday work parties, families events and parties, religious celebrations, and even at the mall (for those of us who still shop that way . . . .). It’s hard not to feel connected with those we encounter in shopping areas – hope those encounters are friendly – remember to smile and use someone’s name whenever you can!

I have been using some of this time to learn all I can about how businesses work and are successful. I’ve read about both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) enterprises. I was sure I was in a “B2B” enterprise, until I listened to a consulting expert from New Zealand who suggested that, really, business is neither B2B nor B2C – it’s all P2P: People to People.   After all, he noted, a “business” doesn’t sell to another “business.” A business is a thing; it can’t buy or sell anything, or have relationships. But people can, and do. So whatever you do, you’re in a people to people world. And, that’s about connections and relationships, and making sure that, no matter how brief or extensive the connection, the other person is better off as a result of the connections we make.   That’s my goal for 2018: to develop relationships that ensure a benefit for all those I meet, whether it’s a lift in someone’s day from a smile, a listening ear, or a kind word of affirmation.

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