The Core Values Index (CVI) is the only human assessment using strategic and tactical values in a word-choice format. It reveals the innate nature of a person and their core motivational drivers. Core motivational drivers dictate the behaviors and desired work that develop self-esteem, causing people to subconsciously seek work offering an opportunity to make their highest contribution possible.

We identify precisely which motivational drivers (energies) are needed in a given role, determine the amount of energy required, then screen-in only those candidates whose CVI scores indicate a natural proclivity toward that type of work.

The difference between the CVI and other tools is the CVI measures innate preference (suitability) rather than ability or adaptability. It identifies what fulfills someone about the work they do, rather than determines whether or not they are capable of doing the work. Resume review and skills-testing take care of the capability component. The CVI handles the critical suitability component.

The CVI provides a 97% repeat-score reliability, year over year. Other assessments typically provide reliability between 60% and 80%.

Other assessment tools are fraught with problems of misrepresentation by the users, who tend to create false-positives when completing the assessment. This is because other tools contain context-loaded questions and requirements to disclose negative information about one’s self. Since the CVI is comprised of only positive values, no negative disclosure is required and no self-reporting context is provided.

Simply put, the CVI cannot be rigged. A candidate cannot second-guess the responses they think an employer hopes to see.

The CVI just passed the 803,000-user benchmark and is installed in over 700 companies in 26 countries.

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