Do you wonder what to do with all that data you collection in evaluations?  Do you wish there were a systematic way to evaluate social service or educational programs?

Let's talk about the CIPP - Context, Input, Process, Product - model of evaluation, which takes a systematic look at all elements of any program or curriculum.

CIPP is used to provide useful information for decision-making, and its primary goals is not to prove, but to improve.

The CIPP model, developed by Daniel Stufflebeam over 30 years ago, is a comprehensive and systematic approach to program and educational evaluation. The list of programs, initiatives, and educational efforts that have used this approach is too numerous to list here.

When possible and feasible, I prefer this more comprehensive approach because it begins with the overall context for the program or education, and follows the process all the way through to final outcomes in several forms:  impact, effectiveness, sustainability, etc.

I have used CIPP to evaluate nonprofit services and community leadership development programs.

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